Watch our How-To Videos to Become a Stathead, Subscribe to Stathead and get access to more data than you can imagine. He does all the things a winning pitcher needs to do." Last year, according to Toronto Pitching Coach Al Widmar, Stieb threw fewer than 110 pitches in 10 games and fewer than 100 in six. "I really couldn't believe it myself," Stieb says. Source of Money. Kyle is impressive, Danny is fantastic. A Saluki starter was injured. Stieb has heard, by the way, that some people think Morris was the best pitcher of the 1980s because he had the most wins of the decade at 162. Stieb has other assets. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images). All his life he had resisted becoming a pitcher, and now he was being told by a top baseball man that his best chance, probably his only chance, of playing in the big leagues would be at that unwanted position. And I had bad habits, and I wouldn't sit down and practise the things that you needed to. Dave apologized to me for that incident and that sort of thing has never happened again. In his rookie year the right-hander tossed 7 complete games and a shutout while splitting his 16 decisions. When you look at his peak seasons, Stiebs case gets much stronger. But he, arguably, should also be a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. [19], Stieb's older brother, Steve, was a catcher and pitcher in the Atlanta Braves minor league system from 1979 to 1981.[20]. Do Pattie and Dave want Andrew to be a fireman or follow in his father's footsteps as a starter? And last year, says Blue Jay Catcher Buck Martinez, Stieb realized, perhaps for the first time, "that he could win when he did not have good stuff. It was the third time in two seasons that Stieb had lost a no-hitter with two out in the ninth inning. I had butted heads with him before about alienating his teammates, so we had a conversation the next morning about it. Phoenix, AZ 85004 I still felt I could make it as a hitter.". I try my damndest now not to let any runs score as the result of an error. "The biggest thing to look at is the kind of team he was on (the Detroit Tigers) and the kind of team I was on, Stieb said. Sorry, the security guard says. "He's so tight. "It's time," LaMonte advised Stieb, "for you to take on a humility that is becoming to a person with that kind of contract. [12] Stieb's number 37 was engraved on the pitcher's mound for the game and 10,000 bobbleheads of Stieb were handed out to fans upon entrance.[13][14]. But many who stand in line for an hour inside the stadium remember. He also came to bat that year in the All Star Game when American League Manager Jim Frey ran out of pinch hitters. I have fun with it.". "Excellent service! Copyright 2023 We're interested now in developing the total man.". When Mattick and LaMacchia caught Stieb's act he was a .394 hitter for the Salukis en route to a berth on The Sporting News's All-America team. Win Expectancy, Run Expectancy, and Leverage Index calculations provided by Tom Tango of, and co-author of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball. Pat Hentgen told me years ago, he goes, Man, you know how they're using that WAR a lot, that stat? I go, 'Yeah.' It wasn't vintage Dave Stieb stuff.". In the first half of the season, he couldn't make his slider work at all. Pete and Pat didn't picture Dave as a pitcher. Author: Ron Fimrite. His career 122 ERA+ is tied with Hall of Famer Bob Feller. The crew was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. JL. That wasn't in his personality in the past. The contract, including options exercisable by the team, was for a term of ten years and specified a salary that increased to $1.9 million in 1993, $2 million in 1994, and $2.1 million in 1995. Bois and Rubenstein are the greatest documentary makers, ever. "I feel like I was good," he says. By Wins Above Average, the chasm between Stieb and Morris in the 80s is even wider: 28.1, best in the decade for Stieb; 9.0, 31st-best for Morris. "Dave Stieb," says the Orioles' designated hitter, Ken Singleton, "is no picnic.". Made by fans in Aotearoa New Zealand. Overall, he was an All-Star seven times. He won the 1985 AL ERA title and finished in the top 10 of AL Cy Young Award voting four times. The employees treat you and the property with respect", "You are prompt, fair, courteous & professional", "We appreciate the helpfulness your staff showed throughout the project" "Mastercraft is prompt in fulfilling the promised timetable and got the job done efficiently", "Started on time, finished on time; cleaned works site everyday; attentive to customer concerns truly a pleasure to work with this professional company", "Chris was very helpful and gave us some tips on how to make the painting on the bottom portion quicker", "I have no suggestions- the guys were GREAT!! "He was shaking his head yes before I said a word. His pitching surprised and convinced the Blue Jays to draft him. "Winning one like that is better than throwing a shutout. Wouldnt use anyone else! Could he just sneak in, get a photo signed and then leave? It's not the big things in life that make you, it's the little things. Become a Stathead & surf this site ad-free. Stieb never went on the disabled list until excessive working out in 1991 gave him a herniated disk in his back, aggravated by a collision near first base that spring. . "I'm not going to say I was great. As weve chronicled here at Call To The Pen in recent weeks, Toronto Blue Jays legend Dave Stieb has been overlooked and underappreciated for decades. They had come to the Eastern Illinois University campus specifically to scout this Southern Illinois outfielder. We present them here for purely educational purposes. He said, 'I know what you're here for and I think it's a great idea.' the most among any pitcher. He is eager to expound. I never had a lesson. After the comeback, he closed the book on baseball. A dropped fly ball in the second inning had given the Yankees four unearned runs. Butera said Stieb should tell the Jays he was ready to pitch again. Dave Stieb's age is 65. Definitely will recommend to others", "You have a marvelous and skilled crew. Stieb had the highest Wins Above Replacement among pitchers forthe 80s, by a wide margin at 48.6, while Morris ranked 12th at 30.4. I'm a real competitor who just doesn't deal too well with failure. A year later he was in the big leagues. They were very professional at all times", "Quality work, good crew, glad we selected MasterCraft", "I cant think of one thing, the crew that worked on this job was very professional. And he had great velocity. There was a rain delay in the fourth inning. For nearly two hours, Stieb signed autographs and posed for photos in Vancouver. He has the same delivery today as he had then. The first 10,000 fans will receive a Stieb Bobblehead", "Catching up with Blue Jays legend Dave Stieb about his new life and improbable comeback", "How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend? We decided to draft him. You can't just sit down and do that. Stieb has a higher WAR than five modern Hall of Fame starters, or starters who played most of their career after World War II. I'm done. but only a 14-12 record. Works (John and Mike) were on time, neat and clean, pleasant to be around and very skilled at their job", "Thanks for seeing the job through to get it right", "Pleased that you were reliable and honest about doing the painting while I was away. But his fierce intensity was also the engine of his success. The frustrated fan is roughly half the age of the celebrity guest. Or write about sports? The edges are smoother. Dave Stieb on Hall of Fame: 'I surely did not deserve to be just wiped off the map', Lou Whitaker on Cooperstown snub: 'I didn't even get daylight', Meet the top seven candidates for the 2018 Hall of Fame class. All I had to worry about was myself. "To me, ERA is indicative of who's better," Stieb said. "Mark Newman, our pitching coach then, had watched Dave throw a litle batting practice," Jones says. 13901 Parkway Commons Dr. Suite A, Oklahoma City, OK 73134. We would not hesitate to absolutely recommend this outstanding company for all your painting needs. He has come so far in such a short time. He's such an outstanding athlete, we all expect him to be older. "You can't look for one pitch with him," said Cleveland's Andre Thornton after Stieb beat the Indians 4-1 last month. "He didn't want pitching to interfere with his hitting," says Bessa. We didn't monkey around with his mechanics at all. He was asked to be a leader at 21. He was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, located in St. Marys, Ontario, with the Class of 2005. View David Stieb results including current phone number, address, relatives, background check report, and property record with Whitepages. Long overdue, I can now say, yes, I do like baseball. "He's the best fielding pitcher in baseball," says his manager, Bobby Cox. Stieb drew just 1.4 percent, or seven votes, of 506 votes cast in 2004 and that was that. Stieb's comeback started by accident. Stucco, skylights, kitchen islands, walk-in closets. Search Details, 2) Social Media Profiles & More I had great moments. [3], Stieb played for the Blue Jays from 1979 to 1992 and again in 1998. "I'm all right," he says. This is the almost unbelievable story of the man who put the Toronto Blue Jays on the map. Every time his team had taken a lead in this long and imperfectly played game, it had found a way to give it back. Showing Editorial results for dave stieb. Kyle is an excellent foreman. Chances are he had not been born when Dave Stieb of the Toronto Blue Jays was one of baseball's elite pitchers, and perhaps its most truculent. In the summer of 1978, as a concession to Stieb's lingering outfielder's sensibility, the Blue Jays assigned him to Dunedin as a combination pitcher-outfielder, instructing Manager Denis Menke to play him as a designated hitter the day after he pitched and as an outfielder in the other games between starts. ", Stieb pitched at Triple-A Syracuse in 1998 on his way back to the Blue Jays. Very efficient & skilled", "They give you an honest appraisal and you are not hit with any up charges from their estimate unless they tell you first". I never saw a nastier slider in the 80's. In fact you can't really find a pitcher who was as dominant throughout the entire 80's. He threw a no-hitter and like was an out away from 2 or 3 others on top of a perfect game. Phone: 602.496.1460 What a season it was! When he was playing in the 1980s, he became interested in real estate through his agent and ever since then has used his savvy to buy and sell residential properties. That gives him a psychological edge." Everyone including office staff was wonderful", "Very pleased with the painting. Watch. In case anyones wondering, Stiebs heard of WAR. Early in his career, Stieb would also frequently yell at his teammates after errors, for plays that he thought they should have made. He has good stuff. Why: A few significant hurdlesremain for Stiebs Hall of Fame case. Time is running out. David Andrew Stieb ( / stib /; born July 22, 1957) is a former Major League Baseball right-handed starting pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. ", "Everything looks great! A clear, bulleted list of tasks and materials is exactly what I want to see. Search instead in Creative? A few have brought their grandkids. 2/2: In January 1987, Dave Stieb was coming off his worst season, in stark contrast to having won the ERA title in 1985. In 1985, Stieb signed with the Blue Jays what was then one of the richest contracts in baseball. They did a commendable job of surface preparation, applying primer, sealer and paint. He'd been pressed into duty earlier in the college season as an emergency pitcher by Southern Illinois Coach Richard (Itchy) Jones. Other statistics attest to this as well. [6] On August 4, 1989, he had a perfect game broken up with two outs in the ninth. Obviously. It is difficult to imagine Stieb patiently embracing this experience in his playing days. They also discussed Stieb's current business endeavor as a contractor in Reno, Nev. Stieb talked about. Dave Stieb was born on July 22, 1957, in Santa Ana, California. Search Details, Dave Stieb's Phone #, Address & More He is bright and well spoken, if somewhat reticent. This is the painting contractor you should contact for your project", "Employees who worked on the job had a good attitude about doing a good job", "Good job as always. I've always viewed Stieb affectionately. Stieb and Canzano talked about pitching at a high level in Major League Baseball. Afterward, Roger Clemens told him he should still be pitching. 'I just thought, 'Man, it feels good. Many thanks to him. the most among any pitcher. Many historical player head shots courtesy of David Davis. "Is that all you got?". Is Stieb about to be wiped off the map once more, or could delayed recognition come? Stieb had done none until Jones asked him to fill in on an injury-afflicted staff in the middle of the 78 college season. [8] In 1998, after a five-year hiatus from baseball, Stieb returned to the Blue Jays and pitched in 19 games (three starts), going 12 with a 4.83 ERA.[1][9]. Whos Dave Stieb? you might be asking. (Age 21-342d, Search Details, Dave Stieb's Contact Info, Social Profiles & More You keep the client informed of changes (due to weather) through the entire process", "Dont Quit. He considered calling the whole thing off. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Part 2 just tore my soul apartPart 3 just put it back together, Sprinted out to my backyard see if, like Dave Stieb, I too have spent 20+ years on this Earth without realizing I have a rocket launcher attached to my shoulder. It was a frustrating time for him, but he learned to pitch his way out of it by moving the ball around. Dave Stieb's struggle is universal, gut wrenching, and inspiring. 19. Only Jack Morris won more games in the 1980s. "He thanked me for my apology," says Stieb. He was 5-2 with a 2.13 earned run average in his month there. Another byproduct of that experience is his approach to the hitters. In his third start this season, on a blustery April night in Yankee Stadium, Stieb was experiencing one of those games that can imperil a pitcher's sanity. Mobilesite. Dave Stieb's Contact Info, Social Profiles & More. A Patent Pending People Search Process. He was a pitcher now, for certain. They transform and uplift the medium in a way no one else does. Before that, he was one of MLB's best pitchers, and made a triumphant return to the mound in 1998 after a five-year hiatus. But, says Jones, "the scouts couldn't know when he was going to pitch because we never did." Rule Changes Probable Pitchers Starting Lineups Transactions Injury Report World Baseball Classic MLB Draft All-Star Game MLB Pipeline Postseason History. So it was exciting again, and it was cool to do that at 40 years old. Learn more. Bob LaMonte, who lives only a short drive from Stieb's parents' modest Spanish-style home in San Jose and who was Stieb's high school history teacher and special teams football coach (Stieb averaged 42 yards a boot in his two seasons as a punter). He led the league in shutouts (five), complete games (19) and innings pitched (288). Stieb, who had the second-most wins in the decade at 140, doesnt think the stat should be the decider. He continues to be in . We are 100% satisfied with the excellent quality of work. [4] Previously, on September 24 and 30, 1988, Stieb had no-hitters broken up with two outs and two strikes in the top of the ninth inning in two consecutive starts. I was almost reluctant to go." ", "You and your crew are far superior to any other repair people or workers weve had in the past", "You were very professional, very fair in your bid and the house looks excellent", "You did what you said you would do and you did it well, and did it for the price quoted. Javascript is required for the selection of a player. Your ability is a given, but signing autographs, talking decently to a writer, things like that, will separate you from the crowd. 293 Dave Stieb Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images All Entertainment News Archival Browse 293 dave stieb stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. The job stayed within budget with no cost overruns", "They met their 4-day job estimate. He'll go over to the player and compliment him. Stieb had a high-strung personality and was known as a fierce competitor on the mound; he was regularly seen having animated conversations with himself during pitches when in difficult situations. in Santa Ana, CA Mastercraft is very professional & considerate through the entire process", "Mastercraft Paintingwhat a professional company! In Vancouver, we do not talk about any of that, nor about his remarkable career: the 175 wins in 15 seasons as a Blue Jay, the 3.24 ERA over his 11-year prime, the year he logged 288 1/3 innings and 19 complete games, his no-hitter and the three that got away with two outs and two strikes in the ninth inning. Injuries ended the first 15 years of his career in 1993. Always on time and Jays helpfulness selecting the final color", "Always a great job by the crew thats why I always call Mastercraft for my painting needs", "History, professionalism, & quality employees", "Employees do their job well and answer any question you may have. On the latter part, he is absolutely correct but on the former, he should definitely get some more consideration by the Modern Baseball Era Committee, who has yet to put him on one of their ballots. In and out in 4 days. Yankees ace pitcher CC Sabathia tied his career wins record with his final win in 2011. So he walked into manager Tim Johnson's office. "I was not going to have all the media, who already heard this was happening, a day later go, 'Oh, he's not doing it.' Baseball doesn't define me now. What is Stiebs standard for Cooperstown? Didnt forget any part of the job. Stieb's "makeup" improved after Martinez gave him a talking-to about his attitude. Most are close to Stieb's agehe turned 59 on July 22, the day after his Vancouver visitand some are considerably older. Stieb's father was a contractor. "Ive always said they come to work in white uniforms & at the end of the job they still have white uniforms and somehow all the painting or work is finished", "I cant say enough Thanks. But I was good. But until this year, Stieb suffered from what baseball people euphemistically call a "makeup" problem. For Stieb, fun was flying close to the flame. "He's always had good stuff. Dave Stieb is seen by many as the best pitcher in baseball throughout much of the 1980's. Jays fans certainly know Stieb as the first real star and the cornerstone of a new franchise around whom the 1992 World Championship team was built. Stieb pitches quickly, partly because of his restless nature, partly because the fast pace upsets many hitters and partly because his fielders stay more alert when the game is moving along briskly. He signs and poses for nearly two hours. "Is that it?" He is also still underappreciated by the Blue Jays today who, inexplicably, have yet to retire Stiebs number, despite being the best player in franchise history. Rookie season: 18 starts, 8-8, league average ERA+ (the team was 53-109; not quite Carlton going 27-10 but still very impressive) 1980-85 seasonal average: 34 starts, 13 CG, 254 IP, 3.07 ERA, 139 ERA+. Someone who has been a pitcher from high school on up may actually have more problems. He was an animal, a bulldog-like [workhorse], and wanted to win like no one else. vs. BAL 6.0 IP, 6 H, 5 SO, 2 BB, 5 ER, L, Last Game: News. And I wasn't accustomed to playing for a last-place team. Remember, I'd been an outfielder most of my life, so I'd never had to deal with anyone making an error behind me. He struck me out in the first inning on a slider that kind of backed up.". He was 5-0 there when the Blue Jays moved him in May to their Triple A Syracuse farm. Bois and Rubenstein are the greatest documentary makers, ever. 2023 Mastercraft Painting & Decorating, Inc., Rights Reserved. No-Hitters, .avia-section.av-k6v62xgq-c0812a68936ee67ed4883eaa9d35be9b{ Stieb's autobiography, Tomorrow I'll Be Perfect, was co-written with Kevin Boland and released in 1986. Whereas with other pitchers this would be seen as a sign of weakness, with Stieb it was perceived as the best way to motivate himself to get out of a jam. On May 3, 1978 Bobby Mattick, then the director of player development for the Toronto Blue Jays, and Blue Jay scout Al LaMacchia were stationed near the stands on the first-base side in a little ball park in Charleston, Ill., when the visiting centerfielder jogged in to pitch the sixth inning. They kept the equipment well organized. He initially retired after the 1993 season due to back problems but after four years of retirement, Stieb rejoined the Blue Jays in 1998, when he pitched in 19 games (three starts) with an ERA+ of 98. It was cold and wet, not a pitcher's night, and because of the shoddy support he'd received, Stieb had already thrown more pitchesnearly 140than he normally does in a complete game. ", Stieb has had protracted and bitter contract disputes with the Blue Jays, invariably involving demands to be traded, but all was resolved this February when LaMonte, who still works as a teacher, and Blue Jay vice-presidents Pat Gillick and Paul Beeston agreed to a six-year deal that could pay Stieb, with incentive clauses, as much as $1 million a year. . Great work, timely arrivals", "There was some anxiety that the project did not start on time due to weather, however, it worked out okay even though we were away. 14,202nd in major league history) They were prepared to write the prospect off whenwhat's going on here?he came in to pitch. "A lot of these parents don't think about that. Dave Stieb Stats, Fantasy & News. ", Stieb pitched only 17 innings for the Salukis that season, but providentially Mattick saw two of them, and there followed his recommendation that the Blue Jays draft Stieb as a pitcher. The once-prickly pitcher is not angry any more. Data Provided By Dave Steib remains the Toronto Blue Jays all-time leader in many pitching categories The Toronto Blue Jays selected Dave Stieb in the 5th round of the MLB draft in 1978. Threw a few pinecones around and hollered at my neighbor to ask if any of them looked like they were going 90 miles an hour. You need a ticket. Wear Tuxedos - would be a nice touch", "We appreciate being listened to as our ideas about what we wanted changed. "He comes at you and has good control," says Lachemann. All rights reserved. Dave Stieb spent parts of 16 seasons in the majors from 1979 through 1998 with 15 of those seasons coming with the Toronto Blue Jays. So I never got really, really good, but I can play some stuff and do the rhythm and stuff like that. It is three hours before game time at Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver. He's such a high-strung kid, I realized that what he was really doing was criticizing himself. Well, this is a guy who had never stepped on a pitchers mound in his life until age 20. Dave Stieb Overview Dave Stieb has been associated with two companies, according to public records. To this day, we debate what it all meant, and where his legacy bel. Peppermill Hotel Casino. [1] A seven-time All-Star, he also won The Sporting News ' Pitcher of the Year Award in 1982. Two hours before his autograph session in Vancouver, I interview Stieb as we stand in the half-light of the stadium's lower concourse. "Then," he says, "I'll be done with that career.". On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. On the days when his slider was diving and his fastball was crackling, his stuff might have been better than anybody's. "I'd just settled into an apartment in Syracuse after I moved to Triple A when they called me up. A young man wearing a hangdog look approaches a parking security staffer with a question. David was a major league pitcher when most of his buddies from school were working in Chevron stations. Around the time of the book Moneyball, WAR (then called WARP) and Win Shares were invented and I fell in with a group of baseball nerds at a site called Baseball Primer (later Baseball Think Factory) who decided to fix the Hall of Fame's many errors by starting over from scratch and electing the people who really deserved to be inducted, starting in 1898. The next year, when he finished at 12-15, he played in the All Star Game. We are 100% satisfied with the excellent quality of work. Copyright 2000-2023 Sports Reference LLC. If you got a hit off a good pitch, he'd look at you as if to say, 'How did you hit that pitch?' Sport as a metaphor for life has been a common theme in Bois documentaries, and here it never is contrived. In 1985, Stieb signed with the Blue Jays what was then one of the most lucrative contracts in baseball. "If he made a bad pitch, he'd slap his glove enough to get you teed off. Thanks for doing a great job. Search address history, phone, age and more. Many pose for photos with Stieb, who affably obliges. "No way he should be thanking me. [11] While this was seen to be generous at the time the contract was signed, by the time the later years of the contract came around this was a bargain, considering that several players were receiving several times the amount per year. Another Toronto scout, Don Welke, had said the boy could run, throw and hit with some power. You forget how young he is. It sounds stupid, even admitting that.". Always on time, courteous and good work! We hadn't liked him as a hitter, but he sure as hell opened our eyes when he started pitching. But by traditional measures, the former Toronto Blue Jays ace might have looked far short of a plaque, with sciatica and other ailments chasing Stieb away from the game in his mid-30s and limiting him to 176 wins. Some high school data is courtesy David McWater. Photos by John Lott. ", "They all make the customer feel that your job is important to them", "Just keep doing what you are doing. ", Stieb is an extraordinarily handsome man, tall and well built (6 feet and 190 pounds) with hazel eyes and a trim brown mustache, the baseball equivalent of Tom Selleck. I could entertain a bunch of drunks probably. But they had at least done some pitching along the way. He is also correct in his belief that he didnt get enough wins (for most voters) and not playing longer than he did (and being healthy for those seasons) definitely did hurt him. I call it a feel. You are the best", "We received a bid prior to you although the $$ were different you pay for what you get and I am so glad we chose Mastercraft Painting" "Professional and attention to detail", Carson City Business License #11-00007495, Nevada State Contractor's License #35106A, After a short stint with the Chicago White Sox and a six-week run with the Kansas City Royals Triple-A club, Stieb went home to his family. hugo valenti valentine, new restaurants coming to champions gate,