Concursuri Internaţionale

14.08.2017Pilot Project: Application of Web Accessibility Requirements in Web-authoring Tools and Platforms by Default
05.09.2017EU Prize for Women Innovators 2018
06.09.2017Call for proposals for ERC Proof of Concept Grant
13.09.2017Clusters Go International in the Defence Security sector
20.09.2017Innovation procurement broker: creating links for the facilitation of public procurement of innovation
27.09.2017Inducement prize: Online security - Seamless personal authentication
05.10.2017Call for projects on the Civil Society Empowerment Programme (CSEP) – campaigns with counter and alternative narrative to radicalisation implemented by Civil society organisations
12.10.2017Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks
18.10.2017Call for proposals for Reinforcing Counter-Terrorism Financing
18.10.2017Call for proposals for Fight Against Drugs
18.10.2017Call for projects on the fight against firearms trafficking
18.10.2017Call for proposals for projects on protection of public spaces and addressing CBRN-E (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives) threat
18.10.2017Call restricted to Member States for projects aiming to increase cooperation in the area of Forensic science, including the implementation of the Prüm framework
18.10.2017Call restricted to Member States for projects aimed at furthering the Commission Recommendation on proportionate police checks and police cooperation in the Schengen area
24.10.2017Call for proposals for ERC Consolidator Grant
25.10.2017Call for proposals - Organised crime projects addressing trafficking in human beings
26.10.2017Integration of Third-Country Nationals
27.10.2017Blue Growth
27.10.2017Sustainable Food Security


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