Laboratory of Ecologic Law and Environmental Regulations

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Head of Laboratory: Petru Bacal, Dr in Geography, Assoc. Prof.


Address: str.Academiei 1, Chişinău, MD-2028, Republica Moldova

Phone: (+373) 22721803, 22725698



General information:

Laboratory " Environmental Impact and Regulations" was established in 2014 at the request of the Department of Natural and Exact Sciences of the ASM. The laboratory creation was produced by merging "Environmental Standards and Regulations" and "Human Geography" laboratories.

Research goal: assessing and regulating human impact on natural and social environment in the implementation of regional and basin management principles of natural resources and environmental impact.

Main directions of scientific research:

  1. National, regional and local assessment of the anthropogenic impact on environment and economic, administrative and regulatory management levels;

2. theoretical and comparative analysis of the operation of environmental legislative and normative documents, the harmonization of environmental legislation at EU and international requirements, development of new standards and regulations necessary to ensure the sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova;

3. To develop the scientific bases of environmental management and monitoring;

4. Assessment of the potential for regional development (on the basis of the Central Development Region), the premises and problems of its efficient usage;

5. Analysis at regional, zonal and local level of natural, economic and social components and their functional and spatial relationships;

6. Identification of problematic situations in the regional management of natural, economic and social components and development of recommendations to optimize their management;

7. Dynamics and regional differences of geodemographical processes;

8. Assessment of touristic and recreational resources in order to promote regional touristic routes, to enhance the attractiveness of spatial and regional disparities, to develop local economy and reduce the destructive and harmful impact on the environment.


The spectrum of competence:

Expertise in issues of environmental protection and management;

Expertise in biodiversity and natural ecosystem issues;

Expertise in socio-demographic issues;

Expertise in issues of harmonization of environmental standards and legislation;

Expertise in sustainable development issues;


Scriptic staff:

Head of Laboratory: Bacal Petru, Dr in Geography, Assistant Professor, Leading Researcher, specialist in environmental geography, economy and environmental management, tourism geography, regional development office phone 022725698; e-mail:;

Petru Cocîrţă, ScD in Biology, Associate Researcer, Leading Researcher, Acad. of International Academy of Informatization, specialist in environmental management and monitoring, environmental regulations and legislation, assessing water and biodiversity resources, office phone 022 721803; e-mail:;

Plîngău Victor, Dr in Chemistry, Associate Researcer, Leading Researcher; expert in pollution impact assessment on air;office phone 022 721803,;

Crîşmaru Valentin, ScD in Agriculture, Senior Researcher; specialist in organic farming and the impact of agriculture on soil and land, harmonization of legislation in agriculture; office phone 022 721803;;

Florea Serafim, Dr in Geography, Associate Researcher, Senior Researcher, specialist in Human Geography, environmental protection and sustainable development; office phone 022725698; e-mail:;

Lozovanu Dorin, Dr in Geography, Associate Researcer, Senior Researcher, specialist in Human Geography, expert on national minority issues; office phone 022725698; e-mail:;

Ciobanu Cristina, MA in Geography, Dr in Ecology, Researcher, specialist in assessing the touristic potential, especially landowners’ parks, and the harmonization of national legislation in the field of tourism and biodiversity; e-mail:;

office phone 022 721803.

Eliseev Sergiu, Bacherlor and MA in Geography,Dr in Biology (Enthomology),  Researcher, entomologist, expert in assessing faunal diversity, wildlife and subsoil legislation harmonization, mob. phone 068021681, e-mail:;

Mardare Aliona, MA in Geography, IV year PhD student at the Faculty of Geography and Geology of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, Junior Researcher, specialist in tourism geography; office phone 022725698; e-mail:;

Bunduc Petru, Junior Researcher, PhD student, specialist in Human Geography and regional development;e-mail:; office phone 022725698.

Vîrlan Daniela, II year MA student, Leading Engineer, specialization Environmental Management; office phone 022721803, e-mail:;

Sterpu Lunita, Leading Engineer , office phone 022725698, e-mail:;

Urman Prascovia, Leading Engineer , office phone 022 721803; e-mail:;

Grigorescu Grigore, Leading Engineer ,;

office phone 022725698.

Part-time external staff:

Hachi Mihai, Dr in Geography, Assistant Professor, Leading Researcher, specialist in human and regional geography, regional and world economics, office phone 022725698;


Donica Ala, Leading Researcher, Dr in Biology, expert in ecology and flora diversity assessment  e-mail:; office phone 022731918.

Bacal Svetlana, Dr in Biology, Associate Researcer, Senior Researcher, entomologist, expert in biodiversity assessment; mob. phone069643425, e-mail:;

Matei Constantin, Dr Hab in Geography, University Professor, Senior Researcher, specialist in geo-demography and regional development  mob. phone 079970771. e- mail:;

Boian Ilie, Senior Researcher, ScD in Agronomics, Assistant Professor, specialist in agro-climatology and climatic comfort assessment,  e-mail:;

Roșca Igor, Junior Researcher, MA, PhD student in Geography, specialist in GIS and map elaboration  Dr in Geography, specialist in GIS and map elaboration  mob. phone 069374403, e-mail:

Cujbă Vadim, Junior Researcher, Dr in Geography, specialist in human geography and regional development,  e-mail:;

 office phone 022725698.

Moroz Ivan, Junior Researcher,  II year PhD student in Human Geography, specialty Geography of Tourism, e-mail:;  office phone 022725698.

Constantinov Lilia, Junior Researcher  (0,5), e-mail:;  office phone 022725698. importance of research:

Laboratory investigations are based on problem solving of fundamental and applied nature regarding the effectiveness of environmental management and protection, filling the gaps in the normative-legal field of the environment and sustainable development of the country.


Main Results:

1. Updating databases of legislative and normative documents and developing proposals for harmonizing them with the international and European requirements;

2. Evaluation of the harmonization degree of the environmental legislation to the EU and international standards;

3. Development of real proposals for adjusting the national standards and their transmission to Technical Standardization Committees and the Ministry of Environment;

4. Presentation of recommendations to amend the legislative and normative documents (22),  acquisition of international standards (99), cancellation of old standards (41), harmonization of national legislation with EU Directives (17);

5. It has been established the influential degree of the natural, economic, social, environmental and political factors on sustainable regional development in the Republic of Moldova and it is also reflected in cartographic materials and scientific publications on this issue;

6. The concept of socio-human passport of settlements (Examples: Passport of 2 settlements), demographic barometer of settlements and ethnic groups;

7. Monographs, including "Gestiunea protecției mediului în RM" (2010) ), "Aglomerația orașului Chișinău" (2013) , "Evoluția demografică a Republicii Moldova" (2014);

8. Articles in specialized journals in Moldova and abroad;

9. Lecture notes in Geography of Tourism (in Romanian and Russian), Geography of Population.

Participation in conferences, national and international seminars, working groups in the Ministry of Environment or public debates on the draft projects of environmental laws and regulations;

Supervising bachelor, master and doctorate theses;

Conducting environmental surveys and approvals of the new or imported technologies and installations submitted by the economic agents: approx. 40 ecological expertise;

UNEP INFOTERRA National Focal Point patronage in Moldova;

Support the work of the Technical Committees for Standardization no. 17, 24, 25 and 30;

Exhibitions - 4 - ASM, Ministry of Environment, the fourth meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention (Chisinau, 2011-2013).

Participation in the activities of population census, 2014 - 3 persons.

The economic effect of the laboratory contribution to the implementation of scientific research in the economic, social and cultural sphere, as well as, environmental protection in Moldova is important, but its specificity does not permit its actual accurate amounting.


The institutional projects:

Project 11.817.08.05A. The impact of natural and anthropogenic factors on geo- and ecosystems in Moldova in order to improve natural resource management and representative area conservation. The term to fulfill - 2011-2014.

Section 4. Status, structure and functionality of environmental normative-legal acts of the Republic of Moldova and the ways of their harmonization at EU and international requirements

Section 5. Analysis and argumentation of the role of socio-demographic and socio-cultural components in sustainable development

PROJECT: Study of the Impact of the Economic Activities of the Central Development Region (the River Raut Basin - Pilot Area) Aimed at Protection of the Natural Capital for Ensuring the Sustainable Development.The term to fulfill: 2015-2018

Section 2. Stage 2015. To create a database of the socio-economic impact on environment, environmental regulations and develop the impact assessment methodology of economic activities on environment for the Central Development Region of the Republic of Moldova.


Relevant publications:

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